Alien Mind Control: The UFO Enigma (2015)

Published on November 29, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Alien Mind Control: The UFO Enigma (2015)

Released/Country:  N/A / USA

Genre: Documentary IMDb

Director: Dan Marrow | Length: 70 min

Starring: Deborah Manacchio, Frank E. Mulley, Thomas Hamm


Alien Mind Control: The UFO Enigma: This captivating narrative offers an exceptional take a gander at a gathering of people who claim to have had life changing UFO experiences, and finds the one of a kind psychic capacities. Intriguing declaration… I simply wish there was genuine footage of these claimed sightings/experiences to back it up.

I do trust in Aliens, however what I don’t comprehend is the means by which there hasn’t been one individual who could take a decent quality video of a UFO that you can see unmistakably, or a video of Aliens leaving a UFO.

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