Autohead (2016)

Published on January 8, 2017 by HDmoviesWorld

Autohead (2016)

Released/Country: 2016 / India

Genre: Crime, Drama IMDb

Director: Rohit Mittal | Length: 97 

Starring: Adamya, Jhanvi Dwivedi, Ronjini Chakroborty, Sunny Banerjee


Indian movie producer Rohit Mittal’s presentation spins around a film group taking after a cabbie’s emergency into frenzy and murder.

Over two decades after Man Bites Dog, Indian silver screen at last gets up to speed with the mockumentary sort with Rohit Mittal’s s make a big appearance about a film team’s spiraling shoot of an insane cabbie’s undeniably lethal deeds. A cross of Rémy Belvaux’s unbelievable 1992 film with Taxi Driver, Autohead is as a matter of fact late in coming yet superior to never: This all around planned title really uncovers a ton about the large number of breaks inside Indian culture today, while likewise taking a punch at the nation’s fascination with silver screen and famous people.

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