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Other name: Ddongpari

Country: South Korea

Genres: Crime, Drama, Friendship, Movie

Date aired: Apr 16, 2009


Sang-Hun (Yang Ik-Jun) works as a low-level gangster collecting money for his longtime loan shark friend. Sang-Hun seethes with rage due to his troubled childhood and abusive father. At any moment, Sang-Hun can lash out at relatives, friends & strangers with the only way he knows how to solve problems – savage violence. One day, Sang-Hun walks along a residential road and spits on the sidewalk. He unintentionally hits a brash young high school student named Yeon-Hee (Kim Kkot-Bi). When Yeon-Hee tells Sang-Hun to clean up his mess, he knocks her out with a punch to the face. Sang-Hun then sits across from her until she regains consciousness. He offers to buy the girl a beer and the beginnings of an unusual friendship occurs.

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