Choukosoku! Sankin-kotai

Published on November 27, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Choukosoku! Sankin-kotai

Other name: Mission Impossible: Samurai; Super High Speed ! Alternate Attendance

Country: Japan

Genres: Comedy, Historical, Movie

Date aired: Jun 21, 2014


Naito Masaatsu, lord of the Yunagaya Domain, an area with only 15,000 citizens which also happens to control a valuable gold mine. When a scheme is hatched by Matsudaira Nobutoki, a member of the shogun’s elder council, to take over the mine by forcing Naito to complete his “Sankin-kōtai” journey to Edo within an impossible time frame, Naito enacts a daring plan to take a shortcut through the mountains in order to make the 8-day journey in only 4. ~~ Based on a novel by Akihiro Dobashi.

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