Confessions (2016)

Published on November 29, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Confessions (2016)

Released/Country: 26 Jul 2016 / USA

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror IMDb

Director: Mark Bessenger | Length: 88 min

Starring: Andrew Clements, David Alanson Bradberry, Kieran Biggs, Mark Cirillo


Toni Servillo is an insightful friar who stands tall against Europe’s financial strategies in Roberto Ando’s unique thriller.

Toni Servillo’s secretive friar is an intruder who sends stun waves through a summit of Europe’s G8 economy serves in Roberto Ando’s The Confessions. While this odd story catches some however insufficient of the outrage felt by numerous Europeans at their pioneers’ powerlessness to get them out of the progressing monetary emergency, it’s hampered by a questionable tone, and a noteworthy disillusionment is the general deficiency of the dark silliness that zapped the chief’s leap forward film, the thrilling Viva la liberta! (2013), additionally featuring Servillo.

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