Dangerous Boys

Published on November 28, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Dangerous Boys

Other name: Wai peng nak leng kha san

Country: Thailand

Genres: Action, Drama, Friendship, Movie

Date aired: Oct 8, 2014


Short story of a 2 school gang “Gorgeously Foundation coconut” Peng is a leader of the gang “suspension hernia lump” an outgrowth was previously Head Peng to the projection used to be friends. But there is a reason why they were breaking apart. Species that met my need to lift them hit each time. A brother named Pong Peng mood Eva wants to be a band. When dreams come true Harassment or polyps Between the promise he made to his mother. And dreams of his brother, the one who loves Ste. Peng will decide The story will end, however, need to get together !!!

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