Dark Water

Published on November 28, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Dark Water

Other name: Honogurai mizu no soko kara

Country: Japan

Genres: Horror, Movie

Date aired: Jan 19, 2002


Yoshimi has recently divorced and is hoping that the family court will award her custody of her 6 old daughter, Ikuku. The only flat she can find for them is in a run-down apartment building. On the roof, Ikuku discovers a little red handbag containing children’s toys. Yoshimi hands the bag in to the caretaker but, the next day, the bag pops up again at the very same spot. The flat above theirs is locked and appears to be empty, in spite of this, they can hear the sound of loud footsteps and children running about. Two years previously, Mitsuko Kawai disappeared without a trace. This woman worked in the same nursery school that Ikuku used to attend and always carried a little red bag over her shoulder. However, this is only the first in a whole series of mysterious happenings which threaten Yoshimi and her daughter, for the house harbors yet more terrifying horrors.

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