Mercy (2016)

Published on November 28, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Mercy (2016)

Released/Country: 04 Jun 2016 / USA

Genre: Thriller : IMDb

Director: Chris Sparling | Length: 90 min

Starring: Constance Barron, Hilary R. Walker, Lynn Czekaj, Michael Donovan


The story takes after two young men who run with their single parent (O’Connor) to deal with their elderly, feeble grandma named Mercy, just to find that she’s a witch who made an agreement with a dim compel numerous prior years.

There is by all accounts an endless supply of Stephen King adjustments in the loathsomeness class. Carrie (1976) and Misery (1990) both enlivened by King’s written work are extraordinary blood and gore movies which have stood the trial of time. However with greats like these there are additionally a wealth of averagely made movies in light of the ace of repulsiveness’ written work. Mercy’s (2014) source originates from one of his short stories (initially titled Gramma) found in his gathering Skeleton Crew distributed in 1985.

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