Scathing (2016)

Published on November 29, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

Scathing (2016)

Released/Country:  N/A / USA

Genre: Horror, Thriller IMDb

Director: Joseph Mazzaferro | Length: 90 min

Starring: Allie Sparks, Jacob Elrod, John Kyle, Michael Frascino


A youthful couple are stranded in a remote area for a few days without nourishment or water, while a gigantic, goliath, crazy person stalks everything they might do, demonstrating it incomprehensible for them to escape unscathed. It’s simply early April, yet I have an early contender for the most terrible, less than ideal, frightfully executed, most terrifically unfunny motion picture scene of the year.

Have you ever imagined with your eyes open? Have you ever sat in a theater pondering who continues wheezing, just to think about whether it may be you? There are new encounters to be had here, not encounters that you’d need, but rather encounters with Scathing motion picture. The screenwriters so too much transmit every plot contort that the whole script may well have been composed in Morse code.

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