A Tale of Love and Darkness (2015)

Published on November 29, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

A Tale of Love and Darkness (2015)

Released/Country: 19 Aug 2016 / Israel, USA

Genre: Biography, Drama IMDb

Director: Natalie Portman | Length: 95 min

Starring: Makram Khoury, Natalie Portman, Shira Haas, Tomer Kapon


The country of Israel is conceived in the late 1940s in the midst of mayhem while a mother lapses alongside her expectations for a superior life. The tale of both occasions will one day be imparted to the world by her loved child, who grows up to be an author.

“A Tale of Love and Darkness,” a hopelessly idyllic adjustment of Amos Oz’s 2002 diary of his youth spent in Jerusalem likewise denote the landing of another movie producer as Natalie Portman, who stars and composed the script.

Considering that the “Dark Swan” Oscar-victor was conceived in Jerusalem, is from a group of settlers, speaks Hebrew and is both an Israeli and U.S. subject, it is little ponder that she associated so unequivocally to the material. Such commitment proved to be useful since it took almost eight years to discover the financing to convey this subtitled work of love to the extra large screen.

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