The Hills Have Eyes II (2007)

Published on November 29, 2016 by HDmoviesWorld

The Hills Have Eyes II (2007)

Released/Country: 23 Mar 2007 / USA

Genre: Horror : IMDb

Director: Martin Weisz | Length: 131 min

Starring: Archie Kao, Cécile Breccia, Jay Acovone, Michael Bailey Smith


As a component of a standard mission, a unit of National Guard officers stops at a New Mexico station with a specific end goal to convey gear to a gathering of nuclear researchers. When they touch base at the disconnected research camp, in any case, they discover it is strangely abandoned. In the wake of recognizing a misery motion in an inaccessible mountain run, the group chooses to set out on a pursuit and save mission into the hills so as to find the missing researchers.

Much to their dismay that these are the very hills that the disastrous Carter family once went to, and that a tribe of barbarian mutants lies in hold up.

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