The Snare (2017)

Published on January 8, 2017 by HDmoviesWorld

The Snare (2017)

Released/Country: 2017 / UK

Genre:  Horror, Thriller IMDb

Director: C.A. Cooper | Length: 90 

Starring: Dan Paton, Eaoifa Forward, Fin Banks, Rachel Warren


I don’t knew anything about the story in The Snare before watching it, and I would suggest going into it that way. Since the greater part of the story happens inside one condo, the experience is practically as claustrophobic for the viewer with respect to the characters.

Additionally, Murphy’s Law becomes possibly the most important factor for the needy individuals in The Snare and you can’t resist the urge to feel for them. Indeed, they all have attributes that you may discover irritating, yet what transpires truly isn’t their blame.

At whatever point an extremely basic story happens in one setting, the run-time can be a motion picture’s defeat. It can delay for a really long time and you’ll lose intrigue.

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